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Schau Dir Angebote von ‪Hartgeld‬ auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter! Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay Fahrradzubehör und Bekleidung von O'Neal. Sofort ab Lager lieferbar - kaufen Magtech .38 Special+P Guardian Gold JHP 8,1g/125grs. (Kaliber .38 Spec. +P) für 14,00 Euro im Online Shop für Kurzwaffenpatronen kaufen auf Rechnung Tradition seit 190 Die .38 Special wurde von dem US-Unternehmen Smith & Wesson 1902 als Nachfolger der von Fehlern geplagten .38 Long Colt für die Revolver-Modelle Military & Police entwickelt. Bei der .38er handelt es sich um eine in den USA weit verbreitete Zentralfeuer patrone, die im zivilen, aber auch im militärischen/polizeilichen Sektor Verwendung findet

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38 Special (auch.38 Special oder Thirty-Eight Special genannt) ist eine US-amerikanische Rockband, die 1975 in Jacksonville, Florida gegründet wurde. Anfangs spielte die Band Southern Rock nach dem Vorbild von Bands wie Lynyrd Skynyrd und den Allman Brothers .38 Special +P. Before the advent of the .38 +P, there was the .38 Special High Speed (.38/44), intended for use only in large frame revolvers originally designed for .44 caliber cartridges, principally the Colt New Service and S&W N frame models. This left plenty of steel in the cylinder to contain the increased pressure. In 1974, the SAAMI established standards for today's .38 Special +P loads, which replaced the .38 High Speed and are suitable for use in most medium frame revolvers. » Warum ist die .38 Spec. +P dann härter geladen? Moin, Energie hängt sowohl von der Geschwindigkeit als auch von der Masse des Geschosses ab. Mit der Frank... +P meinst du wahrscheinlich die First Defence-Patrone, die ein sehr leichtes Geschoss hat (6,2Gramm)

Patronen 38 Special im Schießsport Online Shop. Im Patronen 38 Special Shop von Frankonia können Sportschützen Patronen 38 Special kaufen oder auch bequem auf Rechnung bestellen. Suchen Sie professionelles Schießsport Match-Zubehör und Patronen 38 Special günstig? In unserem Schützenbedarf Patronen 38 Special Online Shop finden Schützen eine gute Auswahl für Schießsport und Wettkampf Note, too that the +P loads in a 38 Special do indeed generate more promising ballistics than the standard 38 Special loads. This was after all the ammunition engineering intent of creating a more powerful load for the 38 Special. Keep in mind though, that a particular firearm chambered for the 38 Special has to be certified to handle +P loads. Don't take it for granted that these +P loads are to be used consistently in a lightweight handgun so chambered. Then, of course, any. It can be effective at close ranges. Specifically, it can hit targets accurately from 25 to 50 yards. The velocity of an average.38 Special round will usually travel from 900 to 1000 FPS. So, in essence, it's pretty dang accurate for applications that involve close-range shooting

Poboyspecial got real curious and wanted some answers. We wanted to know what the difference would be from a 38 spl, 38 spl. +P and 357 mag. shot from a 2 i.. Kaliber .38 Special der Klassiker: Bei dem Kaliber .38 Spezial handelt es sich um eine typische Revolvermunition und wurde ab 1902 angeboten. Lange Zeit war diese Munition bei der US Polizei und später dem FBI das Standardkaliber und ist heute noch weit verbreitet. Während das FBI fast immer den fünfschüssigen Smith and Wesson Chief Special Whether by design or coincidence, the.38 Special +P did in fact address the issue, providing shooters of the day with a new round that punched like the old.38-44 rounds but also wouldn't damage.. Due to its black-powder heritage, the .38 Special is a low-pressure cartridge, one of the lowest in common use today at 17,500 PSI. By modern standards, the .38 Special fires a medium-sized bullet at rather low speeds. In the case of target loads, a 148 gr (9.6 g) bullet is propelled to only 690 ft/s (210 m/s) .38 Special +P = 74% (Federal 158 grain LHP) 9x19mm = 80% (Winchester 115 grain Silvertip JHP) 9x19mm +P = 89% (Winchester 115 grain JHP).45 ACP = 80% (Remington 185 grain JHP).45 ACP +P = 86% (Remington 185 grain JHP) The biggest +P increase shown here is for the .38 Special (21 percentage points). However, this is primarily due to the difference in bullet construction, rather than the.

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  1. A database of .38 Special +P handloads. Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Typ
  2. gton 38 SUPER +P 130 GR FMJ 50 RDS (23722) FMJ : 130.0: N/A : 50: $26.95: $0.54: laxammunition.com Report this: CCI Ammo Pest Control 38 Special #9.
  3. Federal Personal Defense Micro HST, .38 Special +P, JHP, 130 Grain, 20 Rounds $ 27.99 $ 26.59.38 Special Federal Premium Punch Personal Defense Handgun Ammo - .38 Special +P $ 19.99. Sale!.38 Special Ammo Inc. Signature Series, .38 Special, JHP, 125 Grain, 20 Rounds $ 16.99 $ 16.14.38 Special Hornady 38 Special Cartridge Gauge $ 16.69. Sale!.38 Special Ammo Inc. Signature, .38 Special, TMC.
  4. This is the brilliant debut album from 38 Special re-issued by lemon recordings. Led by bother of Lynyrd Sknyrd Ronnie Van Zant, Donnie Van Zant 38 Specials were a Florida band in the vein of the Allman brothers and Lynyrd Sknyrd themselves! Currently touring the US these guys are still going strong - and this album shows why
  5. um alloy upper frame, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry and personal protection. The revolver also features a pinned, black ramp front sight, ambidextrous cylinder release, and a.
  6. Heavy .38 Special +P Ammo 158 gr. L.S.W.C.H.P. - G.C. - (1,000 fps/M.E. 351 ft.lbs.) 20 Round Box. ITEM 20A. The new Buffalo Bore Heavy 38 SPL+p ammo will maximize the effectiveness of your 38 SPL revolver. The powders are flash suppressed so as to not hinder your vision should you be required to drop the hammer in low light. Item 20A/20 is the terrific SOFT lead semi-wadcutter hollow cavity.
  7. 38 Special Ammo. 4 Results Found. Page 1 of 1. Shipping: Free to High. Hide Reman Hide Steel . Description Grains FPS Rounds Price PPR. Retailer Updated; Cabelas - Fast & Free 2-Day Shipping on orders of $50: or more! 38 Special - PPU Lead M-ID RN: 158gr: n/a: 50 $ 174.95: $3.50: AlamoAmmo. 7. 9m! 38 Special - Hornady Critical Defense FTX M-ID: 90gr: 1,200: 25 $ 99.95: $4.00: AlamoAmmo. 7. 9m.

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Hier Smith & Wesson Model 642 .38 Special +P Revolver #178042 kaufen Günstiger Versand Schnelle Lieferung Top Auswahl für Jäger & Sportschütze So the .38 Special, produced in 1898, was made to improve on the .38 Long Colt inadequacies - and it did this job well. Black powder However, unlike the 9mm, this round was developed to use black powder rather than smokeless powder. This was because it was produced a few years before the 9mm rounds when black powder was still the more popular choice. The problem is that black powder isn. Webseite des Nieskyer Schuetzenverein e. V. Cookies erleichtern die Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden

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Entdecken Sie Veröffentlichungen von 38 Special auf Discogs. Kaufen Sie Platten, CDs und mehr von 38 Special auf dem Discogs-Marktplatz The.38 Smith & Wesson Special commonly known as.38 Special,.38 Spl, or.38 Spc is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson. The.38 Special was the standard service cartridge of most police departments in the United States from the 1920s to the 1990s. Outdoor Limited is your source for cheap ammo online Federal 38 Special +P 120 gr JHP Personal Defense Punch 20/Box Brand: Federal; Item Number: PD38P1; Type: Self Defense; Quantity: 20 Rounds; Hornady 38 Special 110 gr FTX Critical Defense 25/Box Brand: Hornady; Item Number: 90310; Type: Self Defense; Quantity: 25 Rounds; CCI 38 Special 125 Gr FMJ Blazer Brass 50/Box Brand: CCI; Item Number: 5204; Type: Target; Quantity: 50 Rounds; Federal 38. Shooters that know practice makes perfect can count on 38 Special Ammunition for all of their firearm needs. Featuring premium components, these 38 Special Ammunition is the ideal practice round for on and off the range. A premier-quality ammunition, these 38 Specials offer legendary performance and quality that wheelgun and lever rifle users have known and come to love telos 38 special +p ammo. g2 research (in stock) 0.0. bronze 38 special handgun ammo. pmc ammunition, inc. (in stock) - 0.0. 38 special 148gr wc ammo. sellier & bellot (in stock) 0.0. 38 special 158gr sjsp ammo. sellier & bellot (in stock) 0.0. 38 special 158gr lrn ammo. sellier & bellot.

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You might also favor a .38 Special for times when the frame or component parts of the gun are not compatible with +P or Magnum loads, so you can shoot standard ammunition. Such is the case with many of the ultra-lightweight; ultra-concealable .38 Special revolvers that cost a half or two-thirds of what a comparably sized .357 Magnum costs

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